As minhas peças ~ Kodamas ~ na exposição do Tincal Lab, no Porto



Kodama (木霊 or 木魂?) are spirits in Japanese folklore that inhabit trees, similar to the dryads of Greek mythology. The term is also used to denote a tree in which a kodama supposedly resides. The phenomenon known as yamabiko, when sounds make a delayed echoing effect in mountains and valleys, is sometimes attributed to this kind of spirit, and may also be referred to as "kodama".

My pieces were inspired by Hayao Miyazaki's Mononoke Princess and a previous work I had done, creating and amulet for a school assignment at Arco - Centro de Arte e Comunicação Visual. As I wrote for the catalogue of the exhibition "the sweet and sour feelings his movies convey are very much like the general experience we go through in our lives. Good and evil, light and dark, plain and pleasure and all the contrasts we can find are part of the universal mistery we try to understand. We hope there is more light than shadow, although we are never too sure. The little kodama spirits arising from the woods are - for me - the embodiment of this belief that good will prevail"